6 Ways to Get People Excited About Your Website Launch

In order for your website or even a course/program launch to work, people have to know about it! You are doing something SO exciting and let people in on that excitement! For example, Vici Dolls does SUCH a good job of reminding people things are launching that I almost always end up on their website after a new product launch. So I have put together some quick, implementable tips for you to do pre-website launch to really make sure you get some traffic! More traffic = more leads & clients.


1. Brand It!

I know, I know, I do brand design and websites so OF COURSE I am going to include this one. But seriously, if you are doing something similar to what others are offering, the biggest differentiator is going to be how you brand and position yourself. Create something that your ideal client is going to LOVE and want to share with their friends or on social media! 

2. Ask Others to Share it too!

Do you know people? You're human, of course you do! Even if it feels a little weird, ask your industry friends, or even your friends and family to share a post or link - AND - let them know if there's anything you can do for them that you'd be happy to! So many people get resistance from their friends and family when starting new things. Don't be that person.

 3. Give Insiders something extra special!

Do you have a Coming Soon page with an email list built in? This way you can entice people with not only getting first peek at the website but a special goody just for joining the launch list!

4. Use a CountDown!

These can be done on social media through your Instagram stories, or depending on the platform your website is built on, right on your site! My favourite platform of all, Kajabi, has them built right in.

5. Get Your Face on Social Media!

Seriously, do it. Quit hiding. I see you. The only way you are going to get better is by actually doing it! (I tell my toddler this all the time haha and now you are officially in that group). Do you have any idea how many Facebook Lives I did before I got even half decent at them or comfortable on Instagram stories?! It was probably around 4567892324 million. I even created small Facebook groups with just a couple people I knew in there that I would practice on!

6. Share your Story

Let people in on what makes you, YOU, and your WHY. Connect to your audience and share why you're so excited about your new website launch and how it is that next big step in really taking things to the next level! CELEBRATE!

7. Blog Posts

Give people more of a reason to go there and read something - meaning they will stay on your website longer and it's automatically easily shareable.

8. Get Featured!

Can you be featured on a podcast or blog or in the media right after or right around your website launch?! That is a great way to utilize someone else's audience and get more eyes on your new site! 

Have you launched something in the past? What worked? What didn't? Leave your thoughts and comments below!




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