How to Create an Ideal Client Avatar that WORKS

UGH if I see one more person telling people to ONLY write out a name, gender, income level and location when creating their Ideal Client Avatar I am going to lose it. Most likely, if you have fallen into this unfortunate trap (don't worry, at some point we all have) then don't worry cause I've got your back. It's going to make you feel so much more confident and clear when you know you you're talking to in your marketing and on your website.

Here's the thing, you need to go so much deeper than that. And yes, maybe this person is imaginary but they will represent THE PERFECT fit for your services. Picture this: Having 100 wildly successful clients achieving their dream transformation because of you, and in turn, you becoming the most successful, rich, happy, fulfilled version of yourself.

And when you do, I PROMISE you that it will show in your business. 

Unless you’ve worked with tons of your ideal clients before, you may have to use your imagination to fill this out.


1.  What are their demographics? Age/Gender, Location, Occupation, Household Income, Marital Status, etc… describe in detail.

2.  What are their psychographics? Values, Personality, Opinions, Lifestyle Choices, Fears, Pains, Goals… GET DETAILED. Avoid saying vague things; try to imagine what this person truly values and operates like in their daily life. What’s their daily mental chatter? How do they make decisions? Etc.

3. Describe 3 of your clients biggest problems in detail. Why is it causing them pain?

4. Describe your client’s biggest emotional struggle in detail. This could be fear, low confidence, self-doubt, anxiousness, etc.

5. What one thing that FRUSTRATES your ideal client the most?

6. What keeps your ICA awake at night (worrying, fearful, anxious)?

7. Describe what the cost is of them staying the same. What do they think will happen if they don’t succeed?

8. What does your perfect client WANT more than anything else?

9. What are some things that are getting in the way of your client getting results?

10. Describe the BIGGEST result that you provide to that person in a sentence. Be clear and tangible.


The biggest thing to remember is that clients care about tangible & measurable RESULTS, not benefits or features. Also keep in mind that if this client is truly an IDEAL fit, you can likely accomplish significant results in a shorter period of time.

Ready to get super clear on your ideal client? Feel free to leave a description below, you never know they could find you here! :)




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