4 Secrets to Attracting More of your Dream Clients Online

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If you are feeling like you're either not getting clients, wayyyy undercharging and wondering if you're ever going to make enough money to create your dream life, or you're just not getting the RIGHT clients that you love, this is for you. Going into the online space can be super overwhelming and I am one of the lucky ones who not only grew up with social media but hopped on all the platforms when they came out so I've seen all the changes and have learnt A LOT. Now, I am using this blog to share it with you in hopes that I can help you create your dream life, save you some time and help you make more money!

So, let's talk messaging. This is such a key piece that is so easy to miss when starting out building your brand and it needs to be SUPER CLEAR.

And I'm not talking MSN Messenger (did I just age myself?!) or Facebook Messenger.

It is how you communicate the value of your product/service to the people who need it.

If you have been showing up on social media, posting, building relationships, #allthethings but no clients are coming in, this often missed underlying foundation may be the reason why. SO lucky for YOU, now you get to become an expert at communicating what you do and why your ideal client needs it NOW.

Let's not forget that people are HUMAN, and whether we like it or not, our emotions usually run the show. People will buy based on emotion and then justify it later with logic.

BUT before people buy, they need to build rapport with you so here are a few exercises and tips to help you. Plus your messaging needs to be super clear. Maybe you help new Moms lose the baby weight which in turn makes them feel super confident again and love their body. Do you see how in that statement there is the on-the-surface want/need but then also the emotions and underlying deeper feelings? 

You can apply these to your social media marketing as well as your website content and sales pages! 


1. Build RAPPORT

People buy stuff all the time from people just because they know them or like them. You must know the other person’s needs and values and let them get to know you and see your personality - this is why video has exploded on social media because people love it! You can't have rapport with a potential client if they don't like you. And that is totally fine because you do not need to be everyone's cup of tea.

2. Build TRUST

Be sincere on your social media, posts, videos and on your website. Let people know you care. It is truly about building relationships. Tell real stories and show interest in your Instagram followers or audience. Then build your credibility by sharing testimonials and social proof.

3. Be the SOLUTION

I'm not sure I need to say this loud but your product or service MUST actually meet the needs of the people you’re trying to sell to. You have to show them that the benefits of buying SIGNIFICANTLY outweigh any cost involved. The transformation/solution/outcome/result must make the cost look insanely teeny tiny. This is why you do the work of market research and understanding your ideal client's inner dialogue.

*Hot Tip: People want to either a) Avoid Pain or b) Move towards pleasure

4. Have them want it NOW

What is going to happen if they don't work with you, buy your product, course, program, etc.? What is the cost of staying where they are? It is most likely not going to go uphill and it is most likely either going to stay the same or possibly get worse. How is life going to look like AFTER buying your product or working with you? Paint the picture of how taking action right now is going to really benefit them.

BONUS! Get your pen and paper out! Time for a fun exercise.

Start with the initial result your ideal client wants. Example: lose weight.

Then, simply ask “why is that important?”

Write it down.

And then ask again, “why is THAT important?”

Write it down.

When it comes to your messaging, the whole point of understanding all of this and doing this exercise is for you to TRULY understand what they desire and want. You want to be able to speak to both the surface level problem (what they think they need) as well as go deeper into why that's significant and what they REALLY want. Sell them what they want, but give them what they need, and if you use this in your content they will start to see this as well.

It's a lot, I know! But I have a brand new e-book coming out - more like a mini course really with a Facebook Group designated for your specific questions so if you'd like to join the waitlist click here!

Got questions or want me to elaborate on a certain piece in another blog post? Let me know below and I'll make it happen!


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