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Building your brand is more important today than it's ever been so you can stand out from the crowd and attract your dream clients.
It's about having a strong message, a clear vision and owning your style. It's knowing your worth, celebrating your magic and creating a destination brand so that when your dream clients land on your website or social media pages, they know they want to work with you.

It's about making your business the only logical choice for your ideal clients and turning them into raving fans and paying clients.

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Oh hey! I'm Jess, (un)officially your new behind-the-scenes BFF for your online business.

I'm a Wife, Mom of three and as a Marketing Consultant and Brand & Website Designer for Online Coaches, I believe that your online presence should be your best and hardest working employee.

It's time to build an online presence that positions you as the go-to-expert in your niche, allows you to effortlessly sell your services and attract high-quality clients who feel excited and ready to work with you.


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"Jessie has been invaluable for my business and it's growth! She has helped guide the decisions I've made in starting my business on multiple occasions and I'm ever grateful for the expert advice she's given me and the confidence that it's instilled in me. She's such an uplifting person that even just following her on Instagram can make you feel like you're living up to the term #bossbabe. The audit that she did for me was bang-on and her Instagram mini course was a game-changer. I'd been working under the assumption that I knew my ideal client but it made me realize that I was being way too general! After a lull of followers and clients, it helped me make changes start to see new followers, new inquiries and new clients!

Jess is just so approachable and a genuinely kind person, she truly cares about you and your success. She makes clear, concise suggestions that are easy to implement in your business. She offers concrete solutions that aren't just a bunch of "fluff". I would 100% recommend working with her!"

Jessica Painter, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant 
Sleepy Bunny Pediatric Sleep Consulting 

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